Sunday, 17 April 2011

"Degradê" effect, Ombre nails

Hello guys, so today I was thinking about doing my nails and I didn´t know exaclly how or wich color I wanted so I was whatcing my nail polishes and a great ideia come to my head: DEGRADÊ!!! cos I´ve seen it before a picture of Lauren Conrad in the "InStyle" website ,It´s called OMBRE nails.. so I dicede to try...
I starded by picking 5 nail polishes from the darkest to the lighter, all of them in pink-ish shades...I painted the darkest color on my thumb finger and the lighter on my "little" finger (I don´t know what´s the name of it), and here is the result:
the ring is from H&M, I love it =)
the nail polishes I used aren´t very "popular" they aren´t O.P.I or chanel lol their just from local drugstores, here they are:

It´s really easy and simple to do it, I really recomend you this manicure, now I´m ready to rock my nails....hope you like it..Bye

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hi everybody....

Hello people, so today i diceded to start bloging..i´ve been thinking about it ages ago but today i finaly got "courage" LOL...I hope everybody get to know me better and like my blog, so...let´s cross fingers